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Description:   Milk is a security source code assessment tool using Orizon as API. Milk scans java and .NET source file in order to perform a security code review trying to point out safe coding best practices misuse.

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ABK (secure)SiteHoster ABK SiteHoster is aLEHNS (a Lightweight Extensible HTTP Network Server). Developed in pure Java. Currently supports HTTP v1.1 Protocol's subset. Adding features to make fully compliant. Aiming to be a full-fledged WebSite Server with all Web Service XSS Defeating PoC applied

secure WWW secWWW is PHP and JavaScript library. It ciphers data transferred over the network. It supports secure login into a Web application without sending the password over the Internet.

smooth Class Library smooth is an object oriented class library for Win32 and Linux written in C++. It's meant to become an alternative to toolkits like Qt.

JSONet Secure Cross-Domain Data Exchange JSONet library is a javascript library allowing to retrieve/send text data accross domains.

Joust Secure IM Lite A secure AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) application for Linux, Windows, and OS X, supporting AOL's Personal Certificates protocol for secure IM and chat.

PHP Secure Communications Library Easy to use, easy to install, actively maintained and actively supported, phpseclib is the best way to utilize SSH, SFTP and RSA in PHP. SFTPSSHRSAAESDES

Roswell Secure Content Manager The goal of this project is to create an expandable secure content store along the lines described by JSR 283 supporting an access model, which incorporates both discretionary and mandatory access controls.

Secure P2P Framework (SePP) This project develops a secure P2P framework in Java (SePP). Existing P2P frameworks are not covering security by design but rather implement only some high layer security mechanisms. It has been developed as part of the EU project SMEPP (

Secure Web Filesharing System Suite of programs to simplify sharing private files over public services such as FTP or a rented Vserver using key-based encryption. For strongly simplified use, a ticket-system, similar to the one of .torrent files, is employed.

Secure Content Management System SCMS is an MVC based secure content management system. It is designed from the ground up to withstand common Web application vulnerabilities. It is designed for PHP 5.0-5.2.x and MySQL 4.1+, and it can optionally support PostgreSQL as a database backend. Per Action SSL/NonSSL EnforcementFull ...

Milim Milim fetches the lyrics for your Hebrew songs from the web. The project features plugins for various media-players.

Milkbox Milkbox is a set of packages for efficient server-side development. Milkbox currently consists of Arica (general toolkit), Netty (event-based stream I/O library).

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